The Witches’ Guide to Shopping in Salem

I’ve been touring the East Coast the last 10 days, my first trip in the area! Salem is the last stop on my trip and a city I’ve always wanted to visit. Both the witchy element and the incredible history are a big draw for me.

What I didn’t expect to find is seriously great shopping! There are wonderful book stores, gift shops, botanical shops, farmers markets and more. Here are a few of my favorites:
The Coven’s Cottage
190 Essex St, Salem, MA

This might be the single most beautiful shop in Salem. Dedicated to Norse paganism and pagan paths in general, the shop is filled with incense, beautiful hanging dried herbs and witch balls. It’s cozy and warm and exactly what you’d expect a witch’s cottage in the woods to look like it!

The Village Silversmith

186 Essex St, Salem, MA

Although the name of the store refers to the silver jewelry they carry, much of the shelves are stocked with piles and piles of beautiful, very affordably priced gemstones. I picked up a gorgeous polished labradorite which I’ve been dying to have and could have gone crazy if I didn’t have to fit everything in my carry-on!

Artemisia Botanicals

3 Hawthorne Blvd, Salem, MA

A rather large freestanding building stocked with primarily dried herbs, flowers and teas, although I actually grabbed some incense and soap from here myself.

The Marble Faun Books & Gifts

131 Essex St, Suite 1, Salem, MA

Part bookshop and part altar to all things literary, this shop looks like it belongs in Bath, England! Lots of Jane Austen and Sherlock Holmes goodies as well as beautiful jewelry, candles and more.

The Witch House Gift Shop

310 Essex St, Salem, MA

A rather small but sweet gift shop tucked along the entrance to The Witch House Museum, (the 1600s home of witch trials judge, Jonathon Corwin). This one has fun whirligigs and other historical toys, as well as some lovely stained glass ornaments in amongst baskets of dried flowers and antique wooden shelves.

Roost & Company

40 Front St, Salem, MA

Although less witchy than many of the shops I wandered into today, this has to be one of the most beautiful. Roost is filled with all sorts of journals, candles, home decor and children’s clothes. I went home with a gorgeous painted paper lantern featuring a crescent moon and nightblooming flowers – can’t wait to hang it!

HausWitch Home + Healing

144 Washington St, Salem, MA

A bright beautiful space, this shop feels airy and filled with light. “Witch City” mugs, candles and totes appeal to the tourist, while spell kits and sprays are perfect for witchier needs.

The House of the Seven Gables Gift Shop
115 Derby St, Salem, MA

Larger than it looks from the outside and surprisingly well stocked for a shop located at an historical site, this place is filled with books, witch themed items, maritime gifts and so much more. I had such a great time exploring all the nooks in this 1600s building!

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The Complete Guide to Grimoires: Part Two

Last month, I wrote part one of this post, which focused on the practical grimoire, a catalog of herbs, crystals and magickal implements. Today, I’m sharing the second kind of grimoire I use in my practice: the Chronicle Grimoire, or Grimoire of the Body. This book is less of a catalog and more of a daily journal.

complete guideThis grimoire is where I record my day-to-day in a mindful and magickal way. I swear I didn’t intend for that to be so rhymey! As I am currently participating in the Lunar Apothecary, I’m also filling my Chronicle Grimoire with responses to journal prompts, meditations and challenges that are part of the program. (If you haven’t checked out Worts + Cunning yet, I strongly recommend it – Alexis is wonderful!)

How to Create Your Chronicle Grimoire

  1. The first few steps of creating your Chronicle Grimoire are essentially the same as the Practical Grimoire: find a blank journal that speaks to you and bless it in a way that seems appropriate.
  2. From there, however, the two are quite different. Where the Practical Grimoire is a structured catalog of information to be referred to, the Chronicle Grimoire is a working book, and one that you will hopefully fill up and add many volumes to over the years.
  3. Consider how you want to use your Chronicle Grimoire. Will you record your health and exercise regimen, your magickal practice, your dreams, all of the above? I think it’s helpful to record similar things every day so that you can track patterns in your life. It is just a matter of choosing which patterns are important or interesting to you.
  4. Aside from the daily entries, decide if there is anything else you would like to record in your book. You might write journal responses to a particular challenge or record what you see in meditations. The Chronicle Grimoire is essentially a bullet journal so just fill it up page by page.
  5. When you fill up your current Chronicle Grimoire, start a new one!

The Witch of Lupine Hollow’s Chronicle Grimoire

I will be completely honest, with how crazy September has been, I haven’t really been keeping up with my Chronicle Grimoire. I was really good for the month of August, and then the crazy hit! I’m hoping to actively get back to writing in it every day now though.

My Chronicle Grimoire is housed in a spiral bound lined notebook, because I like to be able to lay it completely flat and open it all the way. This book is much less formal to me than the Practical Grimoire and it needs that added bit of function. I still chose a cover that spoke to me though and that fits beautifully with the rest of the aesthetic of my altar and sacred space.

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My nightly record includes:

  • Moon phase
  • One card tarot reading
  • Herbal preparations (generally, what tea I drank that night)
  • Magickal practices, if any
  • Dreams (which I write in the next morning, or “no dream recall” if I can’t remember them)

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Some entries are shorter or longer than others and, no, I don’t manage to do it every single night. It is very therapeutic though to spend a few minutes when possible cataloging the day. I also record in symbols each day that I practiced yoga, my menstrual cycle and important events.


Do any of you keep a nightly journal or some kind of chronicle? Do you consider it part of your grimoire or is it less a part of your magickal practice?

Catching Up on Life

Hello all!

I must apologize for being absent these past few weeks. I had a massive project and event at work in mid-September and have been exploring a very unexpected new relationship.

In the meantime, I’ve managed to miss the new moon, full moon, Mabon and Mercury in Retrograde around here! Sorry about that, my moonglowers. So what was I up to for this very powerful September?

Well, on the new moon, I was on a second date that has since turned into a seventh, eighth, ninth date, with a guy I never expected to enter my life. It’s been a month today since we met and this one’s special. I don’t know exactly where we’re heading but I like it!

On the full moon… I completely dropped the ball, I’ll be honest! But you know, this was kind of a good thing. This was the first full moon I’ve missed doing any kind of a ritual on since May and it was a reminder that this practice is important to me. Sometimes a missed opportunity serves to teach us something about how we feel having missed it.

On Mabon, I was busy with work and life, (which is too bad because it’s one of my favorite Sabbats), but I enjoyed a glass of wine on a patio and lovely dinner out at a local restaurant. It was simple but still filled with gratitude and community.

As for Mercury in Retrograde, I was really concerned at the start! With this big work project looming, I was afraid everything was going to fall apart on me. All through the retrograde, everyone around me in life and online seemed to be suffering massively from the typical communication problems and technology glitches, while I seemed to sail right through. The project went off without a hitch (in fact, it was so flawless, I couldn’t believe it) and I’ve managed to keep lines of communication mostly open in this new relationship, despite retrograde’s influence. I don’t know if I was just hyper-aware of the astrological situation because of everything I had going on, or if retrograde gave me a break, but I’m oh so grateful to have emerged unscathed.

What have you all been up to these past couple of weeks?

stock 3

Early Morning New Moon Ritual

So, morning rituals may not be a new phenomenon for many of you, but they are for me. I have always done my moon rituals, and any other magickal practice, at night. I’m not a morning person, by a long shot, and there’s some mysterious and calming about the night sky (even in my urban setting). Many people try to do their rituals when the moon goes direct, but I just prefer the night. What can I say?

stock 3.jpgHowever, I know I won’t be able to do a complete new moon ritual tomorrow night because I have a date – a date I am very much looking forward to. The last few months have been all about changing habits and manifesting beautiful things: finding harmony between the different avenues of my life, career satisfaction, trauma recovery… and now finally some honest to goddess romance.

My tarot reading at the summer solstice very specifically said I needed to get my act together in other areas of my life to find the romantic partnership I was craving. This is only a second date, and I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but there’s an instinct about these things…

But for the purposes of the new moon, this date is very much in the way. In order to still do something special, I’ll be doing a little ritual in the morning instead of at night. Although I don’t know if I could deal with a full moon ritual in the morning, it actually feels quite right for the new moon which is all about fresh starts anyway. Without further ado:

Morning New Moon Ritual

Light a single white candle. Before you really get started, brew a cup of tea.

Move through one round of moon salutations.

Write down everything you want to manifest this lunar cycle. It’s not important to be specific or to censor yourself; write down everything that comes to mind.

Sip your cup of tea as you move about the rest of your morning ablutions. Consider the things you want to manifest, this time thinking first about those that are most achievable and working up to the big dreamy notions. Try not to let your mind wander too far as you brush your teeth, do your makeup or eat breakfast. This would be a good time to let your phone or laptop sit quietly out of sight – consider it a meditation!

Blow out the candle and go about your day.

dividerHow will you be spending this September new moon?


Complete Guide to Grimoires from Witch of Lupine Hollow

The Complete Guide to Grimoires: Part 1

Grimoires and Books of Shadows are one of the more mysterious and exciting elements of witchcraft, especially for beginners. We see these incredible handcrafted examples on Pinterest and Charmed and Practical Magick and think: I’m not an artist, or even a scrapbooker. How am I supposed to make a book that looks like that?

The more important, and often overlooked, question is: how am I supposed to use a book that looks like that?

Complete Guide to Grimoires from Witch of Lupine HollowGrimoires are supposed to be something that is used and honored, not just a pretty prop. The books we see in the Halliwell Manor and in the Aunts’ kitchen, although fictional, look the way they do because they are supposed to have been loved and added to over many generations. They have been used.

So the most important question to ask yourself when creating a grimoire, is: how am I going to use it?

Complete Guide to Grimoires from Witch of Lupine HollowI’m of the mind that there are three types of grimoires, all three of equal importance:

  • The Practical Grimoire, or Grimoire of the Mind: A reference guide to those elements indispensable to your magickal practice.
  • The Chronicle Grimoire, or Grimoire of the Body: A daily, weekly and monthly record of your magickal practice, written in a journalistic format.
  • The Essence Grimoire, or Grimoire of the Spirit: A record of who you are as a witch.

I think it’s actually more helpful to have these three categories in separate books, than in one massive tome. For one thing, these three types of books are used in very different ways, so they may well have completely different structures.

I’m going to be discussing how to create these three types of grimoires over three blog posts and we’re going to start with The Practical Grimoire!

For me, the purpose of this type of book is mostly so that when I need an herb for a specific purpose or need to refresh my memory on the properties of a crystal I own, I can turn to my own notes and experiences instead of Google…

How to Create Your Practical Grimoire

  1. Find a blank journal that speaks to you. The cover is certainly important as it is the face your grimoire presents to the world. It’s important to consider the benefits of different types of pages too: lined, sketchbook, grid paper or even the trendy dot grid style.
  2. Bless your new grimoire. Record a favorite poem, the Wiccan Rede, a blessing or protection spell, or a blessing from your cultural heritage. You could also draw sigils, pentagrams or other symbols on your blessing page.
  3. Decide how your book will be structured. Will you have an index? Will you leave blank spaces for categories or just fill it up as you go?
  4. Choose your categories. What spiritual elements are important to your magickal practice? Do you use herbs, crystals, tarot, follow the lunar cycles or read palms? There should be a section in your Practical Grimoire for each of these practices.
  5. Research each element you plan to record. This book is designed to be a reference of all your most used knowledge, so try to do more than just jot down a few words to describe each herb or crystal. Delve deeper! My personal method for this is to jot down all the information I can find on a separate piece of paper and then organize it for my grimoire.
  6. Record your information carefully and thoughtfully. You will likely add to the pages as you learn and practice more!

The Witch of Lupine Hollow’s Practical Grimoire

If you’re looking to see a Practical Grimoire in action, have a glimpse at mine!

My Practical Grimoire is contained in a simple, elegant lined notebook with charcoal gray covers and brass corners.

Complete Guide to Grimoires from Witch of Lupine HollowI recorded one of my favorite Emily Dickinson poems about the moon as a blessing and drew a crescent moon sigil on the first page.

Complete Guide to Grimoires from Witch of Lupine HollowI am carefully controlling the content in this grimoire, but choosing to accept that I can’t know exactly how many pages I will need for each section. Instead, I am indexing the categories at the beginning with the knowledge that those categories may need to repeat as I fill up the book.

One little extra thing I am doing to make it easier to find what I need in my grimoire, is utilizing book darts. These are little metal tabs that slide onto a page, which I’m using to mark each category.

My book is broken into a Materia Medica (herbal notebook), a Crystal Directory and information on the lunar cycle. These are the three spiritual elements I utilize most often. I may also add a yoga section at some point as I frequently incorporate moon salutations and other sequences into my rituals.

Complete Guide to Grimoires from Witch of Lupine HollowComplete Guide to Grimoires from Witch of Lupine HollowIt’s important to have structure; I try to record the same information about each herb or crystal. The pages are fairly straightforward, filled with practical information, but I do include some hand-drawn banners and a sketch of each herb.

dividerDo you keep a grimoire or grimoires? What kinds of information do you consider most important?

Next up, we’ll be talking about the Chronicle Grimoire so stay tuned!

Amethyst and opalite charged by the full moon

#100daysofritual: Week Two Round-Up

Week two of my participation in the 100 Days of Ritual Instagram Challenge is complete! It’s fascinating how documenting something everyday, especially things you might otherwise do anyway, can bring patterns to light. So far I’ve discovered the following things about my practice since starting this challenge:

  • I feel most magickal and ritualistic at my altar and in my bedroom.
  • The activities I associate with ritual include drinking and brewing tea, yoga, harvesting from my garden, working with crystals and writing. This last one is especially interesting because it’s been a long time since I kept any sort of a journal or diary, but the act of writing something down every day is having such a big impact on me all of a sudden!
  • Structure and repetition is the sure-firest way to get me thinking and feeling magickal! Which is weird, because magick is such a freedom-based and wild kind of practice, but doing a little bit each day makes me want to do it again the next day.

If you follow me on Instagram, (which you totally should because Instagram is awesome), you’ve already seen these shots, but here we go:

Geraniums by the front door offer magickal protection

Day Seven: Last weekend I planted this gorgeous geranium bush in my front patio. I’ve been wanting red geraniums since we moved in last November and I finally made it happen! Planting this little girl made me sooo happy.


Day Eight: This is actually a shot of my headboard reflected in the glass frame on a painting I have hanging in my bedroom of a man fishing with the moon. I wake up to this picture every morning and it’s such a lovely, magickal thing to see first thing in the morning.

Yoga king pigeon pose

Day Nine: Yoga! More specifically, pigeon pose which is one of my favorites. There’s something about this pose that is so simple and easy to relax into, but it doesn’t feel like a basic stretch either.


Day Ten: A blurry-ass shot of me pouring tea into my favorite mug on the full moon! Tea and the moon, my lovely best girls.

Amethyst and opalite charged by the full moon

Day Eleven: The results of my crystal-charging on the night of the full moon in Aquarius. My window sill is getting awfully cluttered the last couple full moons…

Record moon phases, magickal workings and dreams in a journal

Day Twelve: This is the journal I record in each night. I write down the moon phase and sign, the tarot card I drew that night, whatever tea I drank, any spells I cast and in the morning I write down my dreams. Sooo helpful and interesting.

Amethyst, green calcite and Lake County diamond

Day Thirteen: I’ve been spending this weekend so far relaxing with yoga, incense, candles, tea, blogging and all my favorite mini rituals. The perfect end to a full moon week!


If you aren’t doing the #100daysofritual challenge yet, I so encourage you to jump on board! It’s fun, inspiring and so interesting to see what patterns emerge.

In other news, I have a new ebook available in my shop focusing on how to use color, plant and crystal correspondences to create personal full moon rituals for each month of the year! Check it out and let me know what you think.

Full Moon Ritual for Reaffirming Intentions

Have you ever enacted a spell or performed a ritual and it just didn’t work? Of course you have, because magick is not just incantations and burning incense; it’s work and effort! There’s a reason we say we practice magick, right?

Full Moon Ritual for Reaffirming Intentions

Since I actively started practicing again back in May, I’ve really thrown myself into rediscovering my spirituality. I’ve also thrown myself into the lovely new world that is Instagram and the many rabbit holes it can lead one down! Two of those rabbit holes I’ve tumbled into are The Lunar Apothecary and the Gaia Collective Moonbox, both of which I’m thrilled to be participating in.

Both of these programs have influenced my moon rituals and magickal practice. Each month from Gaia Collective, I receive a couple of new crystals, an essential oil to try and a tea blend, so I’ve been incorporating these into my rituals, while Lunar Apothecary provides endless inspiration for documenting and bolstering my practice.

My moon rituals are feeling more and more ritualistic each month, with a sense of familiarity beginning to build as I repeat the same motions again and again, albeit with a seasonal shift.

The August full moon is known by many names but most commonly, the Corn Moon. This of course relates to Lammas, which we discussed in depth at the new moon as the two coincided this year. Given that I’ve already done a ritual focused on abundance and the beginning of the harvest season, I’m not all that inclined to focus my full moon ritual on the same things.

It’s been an unusual month for me: at the new moon, I set my intention to find harmony and balance between the different aspects of my life and to make some changes for the better in my attitude. Almost immediately after the new moon, I was forced to confront some personal demons and didn’t get the chance to focus on the intentions I’d set, no matter how much I needed to. It wasn’t until just a few days ago that I finally started feeling like myself again, and wanting to readdress the issues that made me feel the need for balance and changing my attitude to begin with.

Because the full moon is a time of manifestation and coming into our power, I’m reemphasizing my intentions and backing up what I said I would do. Sometimes, reaffirmation is the closest we can come to manifestation; it’s so very important to recognize that sometimes no matter how well-meaning our intentions are, they require more than one wave of a smudge stick to accomplish. Achieving intentions requires work, and it often includes stumbling blocks, which is why I’m using this August full moon to reinforce what I need and amplify the power of what I said at the new moon.

Reaffirming Intentions Full Moon Ritual

Move through two rounds of moon salutations.

Brew a pot of dark black bergamot tea.  Pour one cup for drinking and allow the rest to continue to steep.

Sit cross-legged at the altar for meditation. (I was supposed to do the Lunar Apothecary’s Moonseed meditation at the new moon but I ended up not having time so I’ll be doing it now!)

Write out intentions you set at the new moon on a piece of paper. Write slowly and carefully, taking the time to think about why these intentions are important to you and how you will seek to make them reality.

Fill a cup with the brewed black tea. Crumple up the paper. You might hold it in one hand, a crystal in the other and meditate on your intentions a few minutes longer. When you’re ready, submerge the paper in the tea. Leave it to soak, preferably overnight in moonlight.

Bergamot amplifies the power of almost any spell or magick. Soaking your intentions in the brewed tea in the full moon light gives them added oomph!

Charge any other items by the moonlight. I’ll be charging the opalite and agate that arrived in my Gaia Collective Moonbox this month, as well as all my other crystals (I have a feeling they’ve absorbed all my bad energies the last few weeks…)

Draw one tarot card to finish the ritual.


What will you be up to this full moon?

#100daysofritual, tea rituals

#100DaysofRitual: Week One Round-Up

Welcome to the first weekly round-up of my posts for the #100DaysofRitual Instagram challenge! I’m planning to round up all of my posts each week on Sundays and talk a little bit about infusing the everyday with magick and ritual.

This week I was just getting my feet wet with the project (and I did miss one day – oops!) I focused mainly on my everyday life and the little things that felt special as I did them.

Day 1: 100 Days of Ritual

Day 1: The first day, I happened to have a little sage plant that needed to planted with the rest of my herbs. So for my first daily shared ritual, I worked in the garden a bit and blessed the new plant with charged moonwater.

#100daysofritual, tea rituals

Day 2: Tea rituals are some of the most widespread daily rituals in the world. Cultures from all over have their own versions of how tea should be prepared, served and drank. My favorite place to linger over a cup of tea is in my garden!

#100daysofritual, tarot reading

Day 3: Although I’m not great about sticking with the same rituals day after day, I do try to pull a tarot card each morning or night for the day ahead and prop it up on my altar to ponder for the next 24 hours. My tarot readings lately have been pretty harsh – lots of Tower and cards like this one, the V of Swords. Been kicking my ass but boy did I need it – a change in attitude has been in dire order. While I was dealing with some personal trauma and my tarot cards were telling me to get my act together, Nikki over at Magical Soul Bitches was pouring her heart out on similar topics – check her out!

#100daysofritual, herbalism

Day 4: I had dried the last of my parsley harvest so on this day, I spent a little time chopping and storing the now-dried herbs. There’s something so soothing and peaceful about tending to my herbs.

#100daysofritual, third eye meditation with amethyst

Day 5: I had a little extra time before work on this day so I did a yoga sequence and a brief, calming Third Eye Meditation with this little amethyst beauty. I could certainly stand to listen to my intuition more and I really enjoyed the experience! The meditation was inspired by the one shared by Marissa Moondaughter in her crystal email series.

#100daysofritual, fresh flowers

Day 6: On the final day of this week’s challenge, I shared just a simple moment, staring at the fresh flowers on my kitchen table. Some days it’s the little things!


I’m having so much fun with this challenge – it really makes you think about what you’re doing every day and reminds you to be magickal, even if just for a few moments. How do you infuse your day with magick and ritual?

Follow the challenge at #100daysofritual on Instagram – and join in!

5 Steps to Figure Out What Kind of Witch You Are

I self-identify as a cottage witch. It took me a while of practice to determine what kind of witchcraft really spoke to me and I strongly encourage any newbie practitioners to find what styles, heritages and traditions speak to you.

I was drawn to the kitchen, I was drawn to the garden, I was drawn to the moon.

5 Steps to Figure Out What Kind of Witch You AreFinally, I stumbled on the term ‘cottage witch’ (I couldn’t tell you where) and it stuck. This was it, this was my word. Is it necessary to label your magick? No, not at all. But because so many people who are drawn to magick, do not necessarily feel drawn to official religious traditions such as Dianic or Wicca, searching for just what it is you believe in can become something of a quest.

Personally, I tend to think that the types of witchcraft we are drawn to can often be affected by our personal astrology. I am a Taurus Sun, Aries Moon, Rising Virgo. I am stubborn, sensual, temperamental, moody, fierce about whatever I commit to but alternately easily bored, and appreciate fine things. I am steadfastly an Earth sign; although I adore water in all its forms, (ocean, river, lake, rain), I prefer to indulge in it from the shore, not from the middle of an endless sea.

As a being of this particular combination of stars, moon and celestial bodies, I’m drawn to, as stated above, the kitchen, garden and moon. Makes sense, no?

Cottage witchery is kind of the holistic combination of kitchen witchcraft, green witchcraft and whatever other traditions the witch is attracted to. Personally, my practice is mostly based in creating sanctuary, whether that be in the home or garden. Having a safe and controlled space that is my own is so important to my spiritual wellbeing; having experienced the loss of my home not so very long ago, my inner Taurus learned all too well how much I crave sanctuary.

So how do you figure out just what kind of witch you are?

  1. Well the first step is just to read and learn as much as possible. Read about different witchcraft traditions, about different cultures and about different kinds of magick. Note those that speak to you or that just seem to make sense in your world.
    • For example, you might be drawn to green witchcraft and herbalism if you are an avid gardener or you might be interested in Druidism if you have Celtic roots.
  2. Look at your hobbies and the activities you are interested in to see if they might point you in the right direction.
    • Do you spend a lot of time hiking outdoors? You might be a nature witch. Do you like the idea of your Book of Shadows in the cloud, easily accessible on any device? Then technopaganism might be for you!
  3. Study your astrological natal chart to discover what the stars have to say about your practice. It’s important to take into consideration more than just your sun sign too, as your moon and rising signs, as well as the rest of the chart, often shine far more light on who you are internally.
    • As I said above, I believe my choices of practice are strongly influenced by my signs. Pisces might find that they are sea witches while Scorpios might be more drawn to sex magick.
  4. Try it out! The surest way to know if a particular type of magick or witchcraft is right for you, is to try it. Although you may not be able to practice with a formal Wiccan coven or discover the secrets of hedgeriding without some instruction, trying a few spells or rituals based on a tradition you are interested in is a great way to see if its a good fit.
  5. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. With a few notable exceptions of more formal and strict traditions, most forms of witchcraft play fairly well with others.
    1. Cottage witchcraft is the perfect example, as it is generally a combination of practices. You might also find yourself combining kitchen witchery with the Italian strega traditions or Christian witchcraft with cultural heritage based practices.


What type of witchcraft do you identify with?


#100DaysofRitual: A Simple Garden Ritual

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to make the everyday magickal. I recently joined The Lunar Apothecary (which is awesome and so worth signing up for), and Alexis talks a lot about creating nightly rituals and honoring every incremental phase of the moon – not just the new and full phases. I ALSO recently found the #100daysofritual hashtag on Instagram but more on that in a minute! So this topic has been on my mind a lot lately.

I’ve also had trauma on my mind lately; it’s been almost a year since my life was turned upside down by a wildfire and although I’ve been flourishing for the past several months, summer has been a struggle. It all came to a head on Wednesday when a fire broke out a few towns over – close enough to see the smoke. The last couple days have been rough but my mind is starting to clear again and I’m realizing I abandoned even the smallest of magickal moments while I was trapped in my own anxiety.

It’s so important to tie your magick and rituals (whatever they may be) into your routine so much so that they are an intrinsic part of you. So that you can’t imagine going to bed without doing them as much as you can’t imagine going to bed without brushing your teeth. This is something that does not come easily to me! The lazy Taurus in me has a hell of a time creating habits – except for the routines I physically can’t imagine not doing because they are so ingrained. (The Bull can be such an illogical sort.)

To help me get in the mindset and habit of a little magick everyday, I’ve decided to jump on the #100daysofritual. I’ll be posting a picture a day on Instagram and then I’m hoping to share each week’s images with more extensive explanations of the rituals here on the blog every weekend, (we’ll see how that goes.)

Day 1: 100 Days of Ritual

Garden Blessing Ritual

Today was my first day of participation and I shared the above image of my brand new sage plant and the empty jar that usually holds my moonwater. This morning I got up first thing and went downstairs to get the little sage plant I bought earlier this week in a pot. I bought the sage to replace my parsley plant which went to seed a few weeks ago. I’m so looking forward to brown butter sage sauces all through fall!

After planting the sage, I watered it with a little moonwater, chanting:

By the moon, you are blessed.

I then watered the rest of the plants in my patio with the remaining moonwater, continuing the chant. Although I probably should have done this on the new moon, at least we are still in a solid waxing phase for planting and new growth!


Jump on Instagram with me and join the #100daysofritual challenge – follow me @lupinehollow! What everyday ritual did you perform today?